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    Volt’s core business strategy is to deliver best in class Talent, Technology and Consulting services to its customers.

    As a proven supplier of high quality staff across Europe since 1978, Volt offers clients a flexible portfolio of services underpinned by ISO 9001 quality business processes, and delivered by talented, experienced consultants who add value through a thorough understanding their specialist markets. 

    Services range from the supply of contingent and permanent resources, to large scale, multinational managed service programs delivering against multiple requirements every day. 

    Volt provides the following core services: 

    Contract Recruitment

    Volt’s highly responsive and efficient sourcing service is ideal for clients requiring flexible responses to peak demands or specialist skills to supplement in-house expertise. Contract teams employ rigorous screening and testing processes to develop pools of pre-qualified candidates in preparation for ad-hoc supply of:

    • Individual fixed-term workers
    • Specialist teams or skills for short-term assignments or one-off projects
    • Entire project teams
    • Management of referred workers

    Permanent Recruitment

    Volt’s dedicated account teams provide each client with a single point of contact, so you can develop a genuine business partnership and establish a comprehensive understanding of your:

    • Future resource requirements
    • Hiring patterns
    • Corporate culture
    • Working environment
    • Business processes

    Armed with this information, Volt’s teams will make excellent decisions on the suitability of candidates for your business needs.

    Statement of Work

    The sourcing and engagement of individuals or teams paid on achieving fixed deliverable milestones.

    Managed Service Programmes (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

    Volt’s consulting division in Europe – Volt Consulting Group – works with clients’ human resources and purchasing departments to take on the responsibilities associated with sourcing, managing and retaining an organisation’s entire (or divisional) contract and/or permanent workforce.

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