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    Excellent Client Service

    Volt’s client was implementing a strategically important and complex financial reporting transformation programme. The required technical resources were not available internally, so Volt provided a highly valued project team, and relevant resources on an on-going basis over a 3 year period.


    Replacement of a Non-Starter

    Volt demonstrated its reliability, efficiency and commitment to a key client when a non-starter had to be replaced at short notice. Volt worked tirelessly to quickly source a suitable replacement contractor for a difficult to fill role to minimise any disruption to their business.


    Multilingual Support Team

    Volt was tasked with staffing a client’s brand new service desk (10 contractors) within a timeframe of 8 weeks. Operating from 08:00 CET till 19:00 CET, the service desk was to support all the client’s employees across the globe, apart from English speaking countries, by providing support in French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew, with all staff having the ability to also communicate effectively in English. Staff also needed to be backfilled when on leave or absent due to sickness.


    Technical Trainers Project

    Volt’s client was rolling out a new business critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application across their business. For this project, they required circa 25 accomplished, professional trainers to work on a 6 month contract in 18 separate locations across the UK and Ireland. The role consisted of classroom based training to approximately 8-10 people per session, and required the candidate to have experience training technical, service and engineer employees. Volt placed 100% of these roles.


    Recruitment Campaign

    Having identified that they would need a flexible and scalable contingent staffing solution for their Quality Assurance (QA) department’s aggressive deadlines, a client who develops video games appointed Volt to recruit a temporary pool of testers to achieve this objective.


    Innovative Recruitment

    A client was looking to recruit a key person to work closely with top management and create a complete internal audit structure. Volt considered factors such as the organisation’s position within the corporate group and the challenges ahead and then efficiently identified and utilised the networking tools necessary to supply this key resource.

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